Advantages Of Wedge Strappy Sandals

Advantages Of Wedge Strappy Sandals

Advantages Of Wedge Strappy Sandals – Throughout the summer, many women were searching high and low for a comfortable strappy sandal. Strappy sandals are so elegant. They make every women’s foot look sexy. They can be worn to the most formal of occasion, but can also be worn for many casual summer events, if your intention is to dress to impress. But strappy sandals are notoriously a pain in the foot. They are a a great example of fashion hurting. However, there was a strappy sandal under our noses all along that is comfortable.

Beige Escape Strappy Wedge Sandal

Blue Wedge Strappy Sandals

One of the causes of uncomfortable strappy sandals is the weight of the shoe on the straps. Whenever you lift your foot, the straps cut into your feet as they lift the shoe. When one looks at a wedge bamboo shoes, with its substantial size, they may think it is a heavy shoe, but when they lift it, it is really quite light. Most wedges are made out of cork, which is very light. This removes one annoyance.

Brown Wedge Strappy Sandals

Criss Cross Strappy Platform Wedge Sandals

Most strappy sandals are on a thin heel.This means a woman must constantly work on keeping her foot balanced. This causes a lot of rubbing against the straps. A wedge heel is completely solid, and constant balancing is simply not necessary. There is another annoyance eliminated.

Escape Wedge Strappy Sandals

One problem most women have with all high heels is the lack of support. All of the pressure is on the ball of the toes and there is virtually no adequate arch support. A wedge heel is the exception, The cork wedge provides adeuatee support and shifts some of the pressure to the heel. You can have a substantial heel with a ravel wedge shoe, since many are also platform shoes, so you get more height with less discomfort. These are the only sexy strappy sandals on the market that are actually comfortable.

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