Buying Blue Baltic Amber Earrings

Buying Blue Baltic Amber Earrings

Blue Baltic amber is very rare and therefore most of the jewelry you will find will have been enhanced in some way. Most blue amber that has NOT been treated comes from the Dominican Republic because the pieces from the Baltic Sea are primarily honey colored or green or reddish brown, very seldom translucent blue. However, the treated or color enhanced blue Baltic amber that is for sale in many jewelry shop and online are still genuine amber, and are usually very affordable, around $20 to $40 even when set in silver. The question as to why you may wish to buy blue Baltic amber may come down to a question of price. But how is it possible that blue amber earrings can be so affordable, in fact downright cheap?

Large Baltic Amber Earrings Sterling Silver

Luxury Baltic Amber Earrings

Why are Blue Baltic Amber Earring so Cheap?

The answer to the incredibly low cost of a blue Baltic amber earring and jewelry lies in the secret of coloring and heat treating amber. There are many modern techniques employed to change or enhance the natural tones. For example a low quality piece of natural amber, which may have very little value, after being treated and colored may suddenly look so good it can be set in a lovely silver earring or pendant and sold for the same price as a medium or high quality gem in its natural state. Since the Baltic amber industry is what sustains many in the Baltic region and many craftspeople depend on earring a living from creating the jewelry that consumers want, treating amber has become a commonly accepted practice.

Natural Baltic Amber Earrings

Natural Polished Baltic Amber Nugget Earrings

Real versus Enhance or Treated Blue Amber Earrings

If you choose to buy blue Baltic amber jewelry instead of Dominican blue amber, then you will save some money, and while the amber is real, the color will likely not be genuine. You must decide what you value more and choose your blue amber earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants accordingly. A set of small opaque blue amber earrings set in silver from the Dominican Republic will cost $30 and up. You can find large and dangle styles of heat treated and/or colored translucent blue amber earrings made with Baltic amber for $15 to $20. It’s all amber, just that some came out of earth naturally blue while others had a little help from man and technology. Buying treated or color enhanced blue amber jewelry can be compared to buying heat treated rubies, emeralds or cultured pearls.

Rich Deep Baltic Amber And Sterling Silver Earrings

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