Choosing The Best Amber Earrings

Choosing The Best Amber Earrings

Amber earrings are fun to choose because they come in so many different colors and shapes and, unlike other gemstones where you need a jeweler to tell you if the stone is good quality or not, amber pieces are obviously unique and easy to see the color and quality differences with the naked eyes. Each fossil is unique, the luminosity or lightness is apparent at a glance and the color variations are so striking that you can you choose blue, green, yellow or even rich purple tones and they’ll all be genuine amber.

Amber Earrings Brass Filigree

Amber Earrings

Baltic Amber Jewelry

Some of the most beautiful yellow and green amber earrings set in silver come from the fossilized resin found in the Baltic region. Many craftsmen pick up the amber from the sea or sand or near the rocks on the shoreline and create eccentric Baltic amber earrings, like the popular crosses with amber adornments. Silver is usually the metal pf choice because amber itself is fairly cheap so the jewelry is more about the artisans creativity in the silver settings, and about the uniqueness of each fossil, and not about the precious metal as an investment. However, although amber earrings and jewelry is relatively affordable, it will depend a lot on the color and size of the stone as to how much you’ll pay. Darker amber is cheaper than light or translucent pieces. So, that being the case, there are some very expensive and collectible amber pieces, and even antique amber earrings and necklaces that fetch hefty prices.

Amber Earrings

Baltic Amber Earrings

Polish Amber & Dominican Blue Amber Earrings

If you wish to buy genuine amber jewelry earrings and bracelets and rings the best places to shop are the countries that border the Baltic Sea, like Poland, but also Czechoslovakia, Romania and Russia, and there is also amber deposits of note in Asia. However, the most sought after amber jewelry, after Baltic pieces, is Dominican blue amber that is found deep in the mountains and must be mined not picked from the sea or along the beach like the Baltic pieces. Green or blue amber earrings from the Dominican are different from the styles created by the Baltic designers, in part due to the tropical influences, Dominican jewelry tends to be more eccentric or exotic, while Baltic creations are often traditional and conservative. However, there is a whole new generation of amber earring jewelry designers who craft yellow or honey colored amber earrings into masterful contemporary creations that incorporate other gemstones or alone, some even being exhibited as works of modern art.

Brown Amber Egg Earring

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