All About Cubic Zirconia Rings

All About Cubic Zirconia Rings

Cubic Zirconia rings are growing in popularity in the fashion jewelry world. Cubic Zirconia is a form of a chemical called zirconium dioxide, which is crystalline in nature. In the naturally existing form, this chemical is colorless but different colors can be given to it by artificial means. It is very strong and durable in nature yet very low in price. Cubic Zirconia rings replaced diamond rings because of its durability and extremely affordable price.

Simple Cubic Zirconia Rings

Style Of Cubic Zirconia Rings

You will find many different designs and styles of cubic zirconia rings, which can be used for different occasions. Because of the low price, cubic zirconia rings have become quite popular as engagement and wedding rings. The zirconium dioxide crystal can be cut into any shape such as oval, elliptical, round or a heart shape. The cutting does not spoil the cleavage or final appearance of the rings.

Vintage Style Black Engagement Ring Cubic Zirconia

Clear Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Eternity Stacking Ring

Cubic zirconia engagement rings are in demand also because of the fact that not many people can tell the difference between a zirconium and diamond. Only a highly experienced jeweler can spot the difference between zirconium and diamond. However, there is a very high resemblance in appearance, cubic zirconia rings are priced at almost a fraction of the price of a diamond ring.

Cubic Zirconia Rings

Cubic Zirconia rings are made in different metals like silver, gold and platinum. The rings made from platinum metal are very popular. Though there are some disadvantages in owning a zirconia ring, the extremely affordable price offsets these drawbacks. The biggest drawback of a Cubic zirconia ring is that it loses its shine after some years of use unlike the diamond ring. Nevertheless, there are some simple tips that can be handy to make your lab created diamond ring shine forever like diamond.

If you have not used the ring for a while or if it is very dirty, you can use a steam cleaner to remove oil and dirt accumulated on the ring. However, you need to ensure that the steam temperature is not very high else, it can permanently damage the stone. With little regular care, cubic zirconia rings will shine and sparkle forever like a diamond.

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